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Futures learning

Do you ever wonder how to best prepare your students for their future? Or do you wonder if you have what it takes to improve your teaching effectiveness? You are not alone. You join many teachers today grappling with balancing the best that technology has to offer, with the wisdom of modern education.


Pedagogy for the Digital Age

Today’s digital world is changing at a rapid pace, and these changes are happening faster than we can keep up with. The 21st-century teenager is accessing technology, on average of 9 hours per day – that’s actually more hours spent…

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10 Reasons to Teach Robotics

Robotics (when you look hard enough) are all around us, but why does it belong in the classroom? According to the Oxford Dictionary, robotics is defined as the branch of technology with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots.…

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Product Review: The Cubetto Robot!

What is the Cubetto Robot? Cubetto is a wooden, screen-less robot that has been designed for 3-6-year old’s. Based on the Montessori style of learning, it can teach children basic computer programming through hands-on play.  The Cubetto package comes with…

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